• Answer to: Where I can use QR codes?

    QR codes have a variety of applications that will provide value for Brand-a. QR is used on the product label to land the user to additional product information. The QR is used in advertising campaigns to add interactivity at print or outdoor advertising for the user and to create buying consumer behavior. QR is used as a tool that provides the advertising viewers with discount or voucher and them in second step they will buy.

  • Answer to: How can I create and use QR code?

    There are many QR code Generators. With each of them can generate code that can integrate into your marketing strategy. What you should know the difference in the methods of decoding the code.

  • Answer to: What are the methods of decoding QR Codes?

    There are directly encode and dynamic encode.

    With direct decrypting scanner (phone) directly fulfills submitted command - Open URL.

    The dynamic platform as ours serves optimized content for the user and / or submits content that the advertiser wants the consumer to see.

    Example: Scan QR and all iPhone users will be forwarded to iTunes and the rest will go to the URL.

  • Answer to: What is the statistics presented?

    We provide statistics for each scan that is done by you ads audience.

    The statistics include:

    • date and time,
    • ISP / service provider,
    • City of where the scan is made;
    • Device OS.
    • Devices Type,
    • Device Browser,
    • Device screen size,
    • New/Excisting User

    Inside the user can view the data graphically, to filter and analyze it, also he can export.

  • Answer to: What are the main advantages for the platform user?

    QRbg advantages are: 

    • User hierarchy - the platform user may be, advertisers, advertising agencies, media. The platform hierarchy is flexible to be adapted based on user needs.
    • Each user can create his mobile WEB site soon. (Currently, we do them manually).
    • With the data that we provide user can measure the effectiveness of advertising channels are used. Budget vs. Scanned users
    • Through our QR codes can be measured and specific advertising location.

    The platform applications and benefits are different based on customer’s needs.

    For us it`s important to do everything for our customer to reduce Time2Market and increase efficiency and to have best takeaway